Hello There!

I’m Jessica Lee Harris.

As the founder of Whole Life Design, I help the modern woman struggling through transition get in touch with her authentic self so she can design a life she loves to live.


Whole Life Design hasn’t always been my biz, but it has always been my work.

With a Bachelors and Masters degree in Psychology, my career in the field afforded me many opportunities to help others design their lives. From working in prison re-entry and homeless services to running a behavior management program, I have helped hundreds of people re-design their lives.

In 2013 I felt a strong calling to work for myself and left my position as a Program Director to pursue my passions in health and finance as a health, wellness, and financial coach. With a strong background in counseling and helping others create a plan to become the next best version of themselves, I helped hundreds of women get healthy and fit both physically and financially.

As I progressed in this work I began to notice that being fit and financially free came from doing a lot of inside work. The clients who had the most success were the ones who were ready to face the stories in their head, the shame and self-sabotage, their insecurities, and the trauma they had endured. When they faced their inner world, all areas of their life (not just their bodies and their wallets) began to transform. Relationships got better, health improved, work and creativity improved, time and money freedom improved. Their circumstances no longer defined them.

But the truth is, at that time in my life, I wasn’t doing the inside work. My life looked good from the outside in, but I was struggling on the inside with my own S.H.I.T.™ (shame/self-sabotage, have-to’s, insecurities, and trauma). As a good practitioner, coach, or therapist would, I stepped away from my work and went on a journey to heal myself.

The turning point came for me when I won a Color Therapy Session with a complete stranger who is now a dear friend, mentor, and colleague. Understanding myself through the language of color gave me a focused way to deal with the S.H.I.T.™ I needed to face, when I needed to face it. It was a subtle, yet powerful journey back to myself.

After two years as a color therapy client, the opportunity to learn the Color Therapy system presented itself and I knew it was time to get back to work. I spent the next two years studying the Aura-Soma Color Therapy system through the Aura-Soma Academy to become a certified Aura-Soma Practitioner. During this time I also earned my Life Coach and Life Purpose Coach certifications.

In 2018 I launched Whole Life Design. Whole Life Design is a culmination of my education, career experience, work in my past businesses, and my own journey of healing that has led me to living a life I absolutely love.


ready to re-design your life?