Designing a life you love to live is an inside job

And I want to help you reclaim your life through color! (Yes! Color!)


intrigued? here’s more…

you’re here because:


◊ The itty bitty shitty committee endlessly tears you down and tells you that you're not good enough.

◊ You feel weighed down by the should's, need to's and have to's of others, while ignoring what makes you happy.

◊ You’ve lost faith and belief in yourself, and doubt whether your dreams and desires are actually possible.

◊ You struggle to love yourself, feel happy in your skin, confident, worthy, deserving and proud of who you are.

◊ You are holding back expressing your authentic self out of fear of being judged, doing it wrong, failing, and losing the love and acceptance of others.

◊ Your patterns of sabotage, procrastination, and/or avoidance are blocking you from creating change in your life and becoming the woman you want to be.

◊ You have lots of great ideas that you know could change your life, you’re just unsure which one to choose and what your next best steps are.


You’re ready to draw a line in the sand (because ENOUGH is ENOUGH, right!?) and do the inner work to create a life you actually love living.


But here’s the truth…

Designing a life you love to live is always an inside job. You can’t get to the life you want without acknowledging and addressing your S.H.I.T.™ (self-sabotage/shame, have-to’s, insecurities, and trauma).

S.H.I.T.™, you’ve got it, I’ve got it, we’ve all got it. And your mindset around it has the ability to make or break you when it comes to having what you want in life. But how do you know what part of your S.H.I.T.™ you need to be looking at?

Do yourself a favor. take a deep breath.

You are in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing.


Reclaim yourself through color


it’s time to take back your personal power and change the direction of your life.

for good.

The powerful, yet subtle language and application of color reveals your habits and patterns, your truths, insights into the current happenings of your life, your current emotional state, pinpoints the S.H.I.T. that is keeping you stuck from designing the life you want to live, and brings you full circle back to the most authentic version of yourself. Yeah… It does all that.

Sounds AH-MAZING right!?

when you add color to your life…

◊ your personal growth and awareness will expand in insurmountable ways

◊ you’ll give two shits less what others think about you

◊ your self-confidence and self-worth will improve

◊ you’ll break through old patterns, self-limiting beliefs, and sabotaging thoughts

◊ you’ll be able to show up and feel like yourself on the daily

◊ your S.H.I.T. will start to dissipate and have less control over your life and the life you want to create

basically, it’s like a miracle metamorphosis!


So what is this color therapy thing?

So glad you asked!


◊ Aura‑Soma (meaning light-body) is a system of color, plant and crystal energies that enhances happiness and vitality and facilitates personal growth and awareness.

◊ The colors you choose in a color therapy session are the colors you need at that particular time to understand more about yourself. They are representative of your gifts + talents, mission + purpose, habits, patterns, truths, insights into the current happenings of your life and current emotional state, and the opportunities you have to work with to design a life you love living.

◊ The products are created using the highest quality organic and biodynamic ingredients, and when applied topically bring ease, balance, and calm to your energetic system all while energizing and empowering you to be more of who you are (sounds like magic, right!?).

here’s what happens in a color session…

◊ In a color session you choose 4 color bottles. Choosing color bottles is an intuitive process. You aren’t choosing based on your favorite colors, you are more so choosing based off of what grabs you first. (Don’t worry! I help you get out of your head and into your heart.) These colors will reflect your needs as the color therapy session unfolds.

◊ Using therapeutic interviewing techniques, together we will discover how these particular colors reflect who you are and how they support you in the here & now on a mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual level. We will take a little journey through your timeline (don’t worry, it’s just a conversation, no time travel included here) here on Earth to understand why these colors are showing up for you.

◊ You’ll learn about the gifts and talents you were born with and the tools you have in your spiritual toolbox to help you design the life you want to live, and how to apply those unique gifts, talents, and tools to your everyday life so that you can show up and be yourself with more grace and ease in your daily life (this is where you get to reclaim the person you know you’ve always been and really want to be OUT LOUD and tell the itty bitty shitty committee to take a seat. It’s extremely empowering!).

◊ The colors lead us through the current state of affairs in your life and the dreams and aspirations you have for your present and near future. We will talk about what’s holding you back and how you can move through it so you can become the person you need to become in order to live that best life dream you keep dreaming.

◊ Once we get the full picture of where you are and where you want to go, together we will design your Whole Life Design Vision and Action Plan. The vision will remind you of where you want to go and the actions steps will help you get there.

◊ If you’re feeling extra, you’ll pick a bottle to work with topically to support you as the path to the life you want unfolds. I don’t recommend skipping the topical application, because as you move toward the life you want, without fail your S.H.I.T. will show up. Working with the bottle will help you get through and on the other side of your S.H.I.T.. (I know, you’ve forgotten what S.H.I.T. is… allow me to remind you: Self-Sabotage/Shame, Have-to’s, Insecurities, & Trauma.) Working with the bottle empowers you to be more of who you are, love yourself the way you are, live your truth, and do it regardless of your circumstances. This is how the peace, calm, and balance is brought back to your energetic system. It’s PURE ALCHEMY!


Here’s what the peeps are saying…


Hey there, I’m Jessica Lee Harris.

I AM a Whole Life Designer and you can be one too.

I teach and empower the modern woman (that’s you!) how to grow through transition, show up to your life with intention, become more of who YOU are, design a life you love to live, and to do it with grace and compassion for yourself so that you can experience more joy and ease in your everyday life.


I AM a certified Aura-Soma Color Practitioner, Certified Professional Life Coach and Life Purpose Coach, with a Bachelors and Masters degree in Psychology, and 10+ years working in different capacities, positions, and businesses to help others overcome their S.H.I.T., become the most authentic version of themselves, and design a life they love to live. I bring an abundance of professional and academic experience to my work as a Whole Life Designer + Color Therapist. But the truth is, I’m not just a girl with a couple of fancy degrees, titles, and certifications that tell you how qualified I am to help you change your life. I’ve done the work, lived it and breathed it, and changed my life with the same practices and tools I use with my clients. No fluff or B.S. here. I AM a S.H.I.T. overcomer and a Whole Life Designer too!


still feeling a little unsure?


here’s some facts to calm the skeptic within…

◊ Sessions are an hour and a half. It’s like having a coffee date with a friend (only I hear it’s even better). All sessions are done remotely via Zoom.

◊ The process is non-intrusive and self-selective. We aren’t going to go anywhere in your S.H.I.T. you aren’t ready to go. AND I am not your regular therapist (I AM a color therapist. WAY different!)! We aren’t going to dredge up your past and go swimming in it. More so, it’s about acknowledging and remembering all of the parts of your life that make you you and how to use it to design a life you actually love living.

◊ I am not a fortune teller. Whew… bet you’re as glad to hear that as I am to say that. I am not going to tell you where you are going. YOU ALREADY KNOW THAT! I am going to help you remember who you are so you can see the clear path to the life you want and then help you design the action plan to get there!

◊ We aren’t going to do anything too woo (unless you call applying color containing crystals and essential oils to your body super woo). AND if that scares you that’s 100% okay, you can totally do the color session and opt not to work with color products topically. This is all about you taking your personal power back and making life choices that align with YOU! Color applied topically or not, you will still walk away with more personal awareness and the next best steps to becoming your best you.

◊ It’s not a million $$$$! The cost of a Color Session is $150 without a Color Bottle and $205 with a Color Bottle. And YOU MY FRIEND ARE WORTH EVERY PENNY!


Ready to reclaim your life through color?

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